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This is a very exciting time to be joining Delphi Technologies. This new company is formed out of the spin off from Delphi Automotive in 2017 into two separate operating companies: Delphi Technologies and Aptiv.

Delphi Technologies is a leading global automotive emissions, fuel economy and aftermarket solutions provider. We pioneer solutions to advance the internal combustion model, next-gen vehicle electrification and optimised electronic controls.

We have ambitious plans to grow our business over the next five years. But this cannot be achieved without a world leading technology infrastructure. At Delphi Technologies we have used the spin off to assess our current and future IT needs from a blank sheet of paper, including architecture and the IT team (because we are building almost from new). We are now at the exciting phase of putting our strategy into motion and this requires us to create a brand new, global team, building an exciting fresh culture.

This is a rare opportunity therefore for you to play a part in the creation of an IT infrastructure for a 20,000 + people strong global business. From my perspective this is an exceptionally exciting opportunity because you will join an established and yet new company in many ways. You would be able to feed into the strategy how we shape our IT function, working with the latest technologies. You have the career development potential afforded by the level playing field that a brand new team structure offers and you will join a business that is growing fast, with all the new project and career advancement potential this presents.

Our global IT hub will be based in the Globalworth Campus in Bucharest, the largest premium business park in Romania, offering unrivalled opportunity for locally based IT experts to join our key operation in Bucharest – a market known for mid/back office support centres.

I and my immediate management team are personally interested in hiring the right talent to enable the future growth of Delphi Technologies. We look forward to engaging with you.

Thank you.

Edward Mandic
CIO Delphi Technologies

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